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There's nothing better than having a great bond with your dog, mutual respect and some understanding of why a dog may behave in a certain way.

Thankfully many owners have some knowledge on training and are able to train their dog to a certain extent, but with my help, training your four legged friend will be more effective, quicker, last a lifetime and be enjoyable for all involved.

I have many years of experience in dealing with a variety of issues, such as:

  • General Obedience
  • Pulling On The Lead
  • Not Coming Back
  • Barking
  • Chewing
  • Toilet Training
  • Jumping Up
  • Coping With Separation

Through the whole training process, my main objective is to ensure your dog 'wants' to behave in the desired way and is not 'made' to.  This makes for a happy and rewarding relationship for both you and your pet.


(Heath And His Pet Dog, Seven)

Why Choose Heath's Personal Dog Training?

Process:  My methods are based on behavioural science, proven to be most effective in teaching or modifying any behaviour in all types of animals and humans.  Not only is this method ethical, the outcome will speak for itself

I do not use check chains, pet corrector, spray collars etc.  My handling style is focused on positive and errorless learning for your pet.  If you stick to the training I show you, you WILL see the results!

Professional: One major unique selling point I can offer you, is I train assistance dogs as a profession.  This means you get a professional trainer who trains up to a pack of six dogs, every day, all year round. 

Beware of part-time/hobbyist trainers. Qualifications mean nothing without the essential practical experience in dealing with a wide range of issues on a regular basis.  I am also a full member of the APDT, BIPDT and attend regular seminars and courses throughout the year to ensure you are learning the most up to date techniques.

Price: I believe professional dog training should be affordable, especially as purse strings are tight for us all.  Trained dogs and owners have greater fulfilment all round.  I am passionate about promoting positive training methods and helping as many dogs and owners achieve an enjoyable and mutually rewarding relationship as I can.  Hence I feel my prices are very good value for money.

Personal:  It's why I called the company Heath's Personal Dog Training, because you and your dog are unique.  I like to give a personal service that reflects this and will cater training to your needs, situation and lifestyle.   


If you would like more information or to discuss your dogs needs further, please complete the appropriate form under the Contacts section.